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Master Plumbers ACT highly recommends the services of the Master Plumbers, Drainers and Gasfitters in our database. Our Master Plumbers are best placed to complete your project in the most cost-effective and timely manner.

Using our ‘Find A Plumber’ tool is free. You can select your Canberra tradesperson based on your location; the business name, or the specialties offered.

Benefits Of Using A Master Plumber

A Master Plumber is a highly trained specialist who is committed to staying at the top of their trade through participation in ongoing professional development and training. By staying up-to-date, Master Plumbers maintain the highest standards of public health, safety, training and professional development. As a result, you will receive outstanding service and quality workmanship.

Master Plumbers demonstrate ethical behaviour through honesty, cooperation, fairness, equality, dignity and professionalism. They are accountable for their actions and work practices, and are committed to ensuring that their actions do not have adverse effects or impacts on the environment.

If you are happy with the quality of the work provided by our members, please let us know through our feedback form.


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This search tool is made available to consumers on the following basis:

While the Master Plumbers ACT has taken due care in compiling this database for consumers, our members are solely responsible for the accuracy of their contact details and the services that they offer. Members are also responsible for ensuring that they are registered, their licences and trade qualifications are current and up-to-date.

Listed members are independent businesses and are not engaged by, nor are they representatives of, Master Plumbers ACT. Once you have identified a suitable tradesperson for your project, you will be dealing directly with that business. Master Plumbers ACT is not part of the administration, contractual arrangements or delivery of the services being undertaken.

The consumer should engage in due diligence by sourcing three quotations and asking for references from listed businesses. Master Plumbers ACT makes no warranties in relation to the quality of workmanship of listed businesses. Furthermore, Master Plumbers ACT will not be held liable for any problems or faults arising from a consumer using one of the listed businesses.

Master Plumbers ACT has provided this search tool as a community service for Canberra consumers seeking to locate qualified Master Plumbers. Members of Master Plumbers ACT support this service.  The search tool is provided for personal or private use only; it should not be used for any other purpose such as targeting members with marketing, promotional information or unsolicited advertising.