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Master Plumbers ACT looks after the interests of Canberra-based employers and self-employed individuals associated with the supply and delivery of: plumbing; drainage; gasfitting; roofing; and irrigation services to the community, industry and government in the ACT region.

Through our activities, we are able to provide our members with a range of services, which include: 


Master Plumbers ACT also act as a point-of-contact for consumers who have concerns or complaints about member plumbers in the ACT. We facilitate discussions and act as a mediator between members and consumers to help to resolve complaints.

Our History

Our Association was borne out of the Master Plumbers and Sanitary Engineers Association of NSW in the early to mid 1950s. At that time, we were known as the Master Plumbers and Sanitary Engineers Association of NSW, Canberra and District Branch.

Letters show that at a Canberra and District Branch meeting, held at the Yowani Golf Club in July 1975, the members were keen to break away from NSW and form their own independent association. In the ensuing months, negotiations were held with the State office and on the 4th of February 1976, the first meeting of the Master Plumbers and Sanitary Engineers Association of the ACT was held. Mr. George Kent was elected President, with Mr. Ray Butterfield as Secretary.

In August of 1976, the Licensed Drainers Employers Association of the ACT was wound up, with members joining the new Master Plumbers and Sanitary Engineers Association of the ACT.  

The members of the old Drainers association were invited to attend the “Associations Wind Up Dinner for members and their wives at the Lobby Restaurant King George Terrace Parkes (opp. Parliament House) on Friday 20th August from 7.30 pm (for dinner at 8.00 pm)”.  The A La Carte three-course meal was paid for by the Association and a total of 28 guests were expected to attend the function.

During the mid-80s, the Master Plumbers and Sanitary Engineers Association of the ACT became known as the Master Plumbers’, Drainers’ and Gasfitters Association of the ACT. It became incorporated on the 2nd February 1996.

The Board Members

The Board of Master Plumbers ACT meet on a monthly basis. Elected by the members, the Board represents the full spectrum of the plumbing industry in the ACT region.

Its role is to ensure that the Canberra plumbing industry, led by Master Plumbers ACT, is seen as an ethical, up-to-date, professional body. Together with our members, we can make a positive impact in the community and lead the way in protecting public health and safety in the Canberra region.

Board Members for 2017/18 are:


David Osborne - A Murray & Sons


Tom Martin - Water Tight Canberra Pty Ltd


Jamie Carpenter - Around The Bend Plumbing & Gasfitting


Wayne Philp - Custom Plumbing




Adrian Clarke - CIT Fyshwick 


Brian Waugh - Weston Creek Plumbing

Mitchell Irving - Vertech Plumbing


Ross Heazlewood


Vision Statement

To be recognised as the leading Association of plumbing, drainage and gasfitting businesses, dedicated to professional training, industry leadership and ethical standards.

Mission Statement

To shape the future of the plumbing industry, enhance the reputation of our members and provide support to members of the community and our Association. Our central roles are to:

Summary of public documents

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is issued to all Association members creating a shared view and understanding of what is ethical behaviour and importantly how it is demonstrated in day-to-day business. In addition, the Code promotes the development of sound trade relations and mutual cooperation between members of the plumbing industry and generally, promotes the advancement of plumbing.

Members can download the Master Plumbers ACT Code of Ethics here.

Constitution and By Laws

The Constitution and By Laws provides members of Master Plumbers ACT with the rules and principles by which the Association is governed.



Helpful Links

 ACCESS Canberra- (formerly ACTPLA)

This is your one-stop-shop for information relating to planning development, relevant legislation, industry groups, resources and plans to help you safely conduct your business.

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  • Asbestos Workers


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Plumbing and Fire Sprinklers Award 2010

Fair Work Australia has established a set of national awards for various job occupations.  The specific award for plumbers, drainers and gasfitters is called the Plumbing and Fire Sprinklers Award 2010 and the link can be found here.

Dial Before You Dig

Don't get caught out!  A quick phone call or web enquiry is all it takes to avoid unnecessary damage and costly repair bills to underground infrastructure.


Master Plumbers Australia

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Work Health and Safety

  • WorkSafe ACT - Find out how WorkSafe ACT can help you understand your obligations in relation to the ACT's health and safety and workers' compensation laws through a mixture of education and compliance activities.

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Master Plumbers ACT values the vital support provided through sponsorship arrangements and business linkage.  If you are interested in providing additional support to the ACT plumbing, drainage, and gasfitting community, please contact our office.

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